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Every person has an unique story made by many important chapters, which create the foundation of everyone’s life.  Your Wedding Day is one of these most important steps: that exactly moment when you realize you have found your soul mate. You are very inspired and you think about millions of details; but the culmination of an Epic Wedding are not the accessories, but the true emotions which may be expressed only by an Epic Storytelling. Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films is absolutely the expert of best Storytelling in the world, who can fallow you not only in Florence for your Wedding, but also in whole Italy (Wedding Films Italy) and Europe.

Expectations Wedding Films Italy

Your expectations are great and is completely understandable: you are in love and you feel and live the most powerful moments of your life. So you look for the expert who will be able to convey your emotions in a unique way as only you are able to do. Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy it is the only one able to understand your feelings and transmit them exactly as you want them to be. Rebel Soul, a great dreamer, a romantic and sensitive heart, Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films identifies yourself with you and live every pulse of your great event  as if it were his one. You will never be just a customer, not even a number in his portfolio: you will be a person whom he will give all of himself. At the end of your collaboration, you will always remember Emanuele Mura Weddings Films Italy with joy and happiness.

Reality: Florence Wedding Films

The reality is even more beautiful than the expectations: Love and constant commitment have transformed the art of photography into a foundation of life called Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy. Years of study, work and progress bring their fruits: very important titles won at national and international competitions. There are those who’re trying to work making photography and there are those who create it, and Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy belongs to the second category. Each image is carved in the heart and identified with each protagonist. The reality is that he not only creates images and videos through himself; Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films breathes and lives up to the art of photography and videography.


Florence, the beating heart of the gorgeous Tuscany, the land of promises that live forever is the most enchanting place in the world for your wedding day. Just imagine sharing with your family, relatives and friends its beautiful treasures known to the whole world. Choosing to celebrate your wedding in Florence Tuscany, you just give to yourself the best experience of your life. Finding yourself in Florence, it takes only a few minutes to feel things you’ve never felt before…

In the city of love, Florence Tuscany, the hearts beat very strongly. Love, romance and unique beauty are pulsating. In this corner of paradise there is Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films, a rebelle heart that create really true storytelling, feeling your love beating in your every gesture, action, smile.

Say “YES I DO” in Florence Tuscany

A scientific study showed that couples who get married in Florence Tuscany are the happiest in the world… Well, I’m joking, obviously; but the certain thing is after celebrating your wedding, you’ll never want to leave…

Anyway, we are not gonna to impose styles and tastes onto you: just let your dream come true, and in all this Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy will accompany you and make your wedding day stress-free. Choose the right place for your fateful “YES, I DO!” Just follow your heart!

Love through camera lens…

Only you can hear your heart beating, isn’t it? Well,  Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films will make the masterpiece: everyone who will watch your wedding film and / or wedding trailer will SEE your heart beating. Incredible, but true: your love will be reproduced and transmitted in that exactly way you feel it. That is why Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy is so wanted in Florence Tuscany, whole Italy and Europe. Look at the several real testimonies at the following links: https://vimeo.com/emanuelemurawedding http://emanuelemuraweddingfilms.com .

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